this is the video which is qin did, and we just show it on the tutorial on thursday.and we try to make it in three separated videos, then put some types and musics.



To make it more practical for filming, we think we can make the story more directly and more dramatically by extreme the effect of using too much shampoo/toothpaste/washing powder. It will be three short stories with the same actor.  Here is our new story board. We think it will work well and we will shoot it tomorrow.

1) Washing powder


2) Shampoo


3) Toothpaste


We made storyboards individually and compared our visual ideas when we met. We settled the scenes we want to shoot, which are 1) asking for sugar in a coffee shop 2) asking for water at friend’s 3) printing photocopies at school.

扫描扫描 1


We showed our sample to Sian in today’s tutorial and explained our idea. However, we were told that ‘the bold guy’ idea is too difficult to understand our video. And the context in it is missed. She advised us to return to sources and to make a series of the videos like the video we showed in presentation. So “waste” must be the main plot of video. It is necessary to show that to use too much it is harmful/is disgusting/is silly.

There we get another idea basically called “the more the better”.
Below is our story:

Here is someone who’s pet phrase is “the more, the better.” When people ask him, “how much pepper do u need?” he said” the more the better”. people ask him how much time do u need, he said” the more the better”. people ask him how much many do u want, he said” the more the better”.

And when he go back home, his son asked him”dad, how much shampoo should i use?” he said” the more the better”. and his son feel very confuse, look at his shampoo and then loot at his dad. and decided how much he will use. finally, he put all bottle of shampoo on his hair. and the it turn black and have an sentence “the more the better?”

We decide to focus on making videos for our project. After a long brainstorm, we get two ideas which we consider potential and practical. We have made storyboards for these two ideas and here is one we decided to work on.   Based on the storyboards, we made a sample video from two of the stories we came up.

storyboard 0219