Ed Gillespie, co-founder of Futerra; a sustainable communications agency, came and did an interesting talk on Monday afternoon lecturing on this idea of low carbon travel (above a link to a similar talk about both his business and his travels at the British Library, 2008.)

He described his business as “the agency that gives a shit.” – quite refreshing to hear as it would seem in our capitalist society we are more than ever consumed with money and greed and ‘things’. Gillespie discusses our impact on our environment and how we have no choice but to change and to want to change because the change is better and the change is good. Gillespie travelled the world for over a year through over thirty countries without stepping on a plane, he effectively had a lower carbon footprint within his yearly travels than if he had stayed at home in London for the year. Travel being something i am very interested in, i found the whole concept inspiring. (below a link to the futerra website.)