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Sophie Thomas, from the design at the RSA; first lecturer, thursday morning, lecturing about Waste. (below a similar talk given at 100% Design, London)

Sophie talks about and explains the reasoning behind her, what would seem to be, obsessive toothbrush collection. She talks about the ridiculous amount of materials that go into everyday products, such as an everyday toothbrush. She brings up the notion that we (the everyday consumer) need to become more aware of what materials are in our products and if we cannot cut down or change these materials, we need to at least become more efficient at reclaiming these valuable materials back after the products are disposed of, so in turn they can be recycled and reused.

She then propositions us, the designer, and encourages materials to be considered at the design concept stage, the end result (where the product will end up, can all the parts be recycled, can it be easily dismantled etc) should always be a key factor in the design stages.

“90% of products are waste within 6 months of purchase”

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(below a link to the Great Recovery website, giving an in-depth look at this on going project.)