MacBook cover

– 17″ Macbook Cover, made from an Urban Outfitters bag and bubble wrap.

Newspaper bin

– A bin, made from newspaper.

magazine plastic wallet

– A wallet, made from magazines.

Plastic bag Vase

– A Vase (unfinished), made from plastic bags.

This was a really quick one day self initiated brief we set. We have been struggling to really pinpoint exactly what we want to say/do and how we want to present our ideas. We have settled on this idea of “too much stuff”, but we were still unsure of what we wanted to explore with in that. We decided to try something quick to eliminate ideas and see if anything comes up worth pursuing. A gift for a gift- very simply, we all had to decide on something we wanted/needed at that current moment, we then chose another member of the group and had to attempt to create what they wanted/needed solely from found/reused/recycled material/rubbish, This had to be completed after one day. Although some of the outcomes were quite nice visually, we all felt that it was difficult to find materials which could easily make a new product (I asked for a noodle bowl which was not accomplished due to unsanitary wood..) therefore we decided that it would be hard to educate people to turn their old stuff into new stuff, when we found it some what challenging. We also felt that for creative people, tasks like this might be enjoyable and easy, where as other people may find it tedious and rather just spend the money and buy something new. There was also a general consensus that we did not want to go down a commercial route. From this quick task we decided to abandon the idea of teaching, instead we just want to present ideas and visuals that will perhaps simply make people “think” about the amount of “stuff” they buy, perhaps making them think and premeditate their waste of “stuff” before buying the next…”stuff”.