So, as a group we have really worked at refining what our design problem really is. A quick look at the results of our survey revealed that people are quickly using up and replacing items such as shampoo and toothpaste, and that each of us have different ideas of how much (or little) we really need to use and still stay clean.

So, how can we encourage people to use less of these specific items?

We came up with a quick one-day task for us all to do ā€” it’s really just a simple brainstorm to generate ideas and possibilities:

Generate as many rough prototypes of ideas/devices/content/techniques as we can (20+ each!) in order to discover the best possible solutions that could be used to convince people to use less, and therefore waste less.

What is possible? What can we do to convince people to really think about how much detergent needs to go into the washing machine? How can we visualise the fact that bigger is not always better?

Stay open minded and remember, we are five and we can work across all practices/disciples/mediums! This will give us at least 100 rough prototypes to develop further collectively.

Some examples and a small visual audit will follow.