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Just quickly doing some primary research. We went to tesco to check out the packaging of the chosen products and the information (directions of use etc). Quite interesting that most of the Shampoo’s/conditioner either did not have directions or had directions but not a quantity to use, often they would also instruct to wash twice ‘rinse and repeat’, which seems odd. Washing powder for your clothes came in all sorts of shapes and sizes (capsules, measuring lids etc all to help) however we thought the directions on the products seem confusing as the measurements are relative to KG; everyone collectively said they would not no what 4kg of clothes would equate to..Toothpaste generally had no instructions/guideline amount.

Thought this in general was quite interesting as it would be in the business’s best interest to direct to use more, (so you end up buying more quicker). We have begun to focus on this idea/balance between using less (or simply the right amount) and also getting all from the product that you can, ie using the whole product, not 3/4 and buying a new one.