-16polluted oceanAccording to the latest findings by Heal the Ocean in Santa Barbara, not only are our oceans in danger but so is our freshwater supply. Their goal is to move toward reclaimed wastewater by adapting treatment plants to focus on reclaiming this water rather than dumping untreated chemical contaminants it into our oceans. By doing so we could solve two problems: stop widespread pollution of the ocean and address the lack of potable water needed to sustain the states future.


The new report warns shampoos, shower gels and other cosmetic products along with a burgeoning number of other chemicals, are finding their way into the environment and are posing a risk to sea life, plants as well as people’s health.

The substances found include parabens, which have been linked to a rise in breast cancer and are used as a preservative in a range of cosmetic products.

The report by 29 scientists, ‘Sustainable Water: Chemical Science Priorities’, is calling for urgent research to determine the scale of the threat.

The report says wastewater treatment works are unable to prevent chemicals used in many household products escaping into the environment and it raises concern over the growing number of chemicals that are now appearing.

The report says their effects on the environment, including human health, are unclear and need to be investigated.

Dr. Jeff Hardy, the RSC’s environment and energy manager, says though most people are not interested to what happens to their shower gel after it has disappeared down the drain, chemists and employees of the water industry are.

Dr. Hardy says even modern treatment works cannot remove all the substances, and traces of medicines such as anti-depressants, painkillers and anti-cancer drugs have also been found in the drinking water supply.

The report calls for a better understanding of the exposure of water systems to chemical contaminants in order to control the risks of the contamination to the environment and human health.

One of the chemicals causing environmentalists concern is triclosan which is in washing-up liquids, plastic kitchen utensils, toothpastes, deodorants and soaps.

Triclosan is an antibacterial agent and an estimated 90 tonnes of the it goes into domestic products every year.

Triclosan is known to build up in the environment and is toxic to aquatic life; it has been found in the bodies of fish and in human breast milk.

Phthalates, a family of some 120 industrial chemicals used in shampoos, moisturisers and perfumes, are also a worry and they have been linked to reproductive problems in men and in wildlife, and can build up in animals’ bodies.

The RSC says providing sufficient water at an appropriate standard to satisfy domestic, industrial, agricultural and environmental needs is a global challenge and scientists are working against a background of soaring population growth, leading to increases in levels of man-made pollution.


‎”Measuring Type”: A selection of commonly used typefaces were compared for how economical they are with the amount of ink which they use. Each typeface was drawn out with ballpoint pens, allowing the remaining ink levels to display the ink efficiency of each typeface.

I like this idea of measuring as it’s direct, neat and interesting. I haven’t figure out how it can be used in our proj but it’s all about measuring so maybe it can be an inspiration.


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they just cut and draw everything they need in their video.
i love this way to make some video or photos for our project!

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we want create some clean stuffs in capsule and “sell”them in green week.because it is easy to understand and court how much shampoo or tooth paste they should used, and no more waste.

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As we are effectively making up a brand for our ‘fake shop’, we have been looking at nice strong ways designers have already branded products or businesses. I think our aim is to make quite a bright, happy, clean design, as we want to create positive connotations through our fake/non-brand, brand. Here are some nice examples.